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Here is an updated list of what's left. For some reason I can't edit my older posts.

Engine: Sold
M54B25 comes with complete harness, power steering, alternator, AC compressor, intake and exhaust manifolds. I have a video of it running. This engine is also listed on ebay under user jill_f_c.

Transmission: SOLD
Automatic. I also have a video of this shifting through the gears (on jackstands).


Front Seats: SOLD
Rear Seats: $200 Black sport seats in 99% perfect condition.

black carpet (w/ BMW floormats): $100
black dash: $100
black center console: $35
black rear speaker deck: $25

black seat belts (w/ rear buckles):
LF: $20
LR: $20
RF: $20
RR: $20

Interior Door Panels with speakers/ switches
RF: $125
RR: $100
LR: $100

Interior Door Handles:
LR: $20
RF: $20
RR: $20

Exterior Door Handles:
LF: $30
LR: $30
RF Missing Keyhole cover?: $20
RR: $30

Door Latches:
LR: $35
RF: $35
RR: $35

Door Checks
LF: $20
RF: $20
RR: $20
LR: $20

Door Seals:
LF: $10
RF: $10
RR: $10
LR: $10

Door Glass:
LF: $50
LR: $50
RF: $50
RR: $50

Door Harness:
LF: $20
LR: $20
RF: $20
RR: $20

Instrument cluster: SOLD

Accelator Pedal: SOLD

Wiring harnesses: SOLD

Electric Cooling Fan motor and controller: $40


Brake booster: $50
Brake master: $50
ABS unit: $50
Calipers: $40 each

HID Ballast & igniters: Sold
Damaged right front headlight assembly: Sold

Front suspension:
LF Spindle/Hub: $150
LF lower control arm: $100
LF strut, spring, bearing plate: $50

Rear suspension:
Arms Upper: $75 per side
Arms Lower: $30 per side
Spindle/hub: $75 per side
Non LSD Rear differential (3.46): $150

Coolant tank: SOLD
Coolant Hoses: $10 each (good shape, heater and most engine hoses)
Drive shaft: $75
Complete lock set with the FM3 and one key: $100
Engine and Trans control Modules: SOLD

Doors Frames:
LF: $150
RF: $100 (previously repaired)
LR: $125
RR: $100 (previously repaired)

Left curtain: $40
Right Curtain: $40
Passenger front: $50
RF door: $40
LF door: $40

RF: $45
LF: $45
Non Rain sensing Rear View: $45

Trunk lid: $90

Tail lights with inner bulb plates:
Right: $35
Left: $25 (damage)

Steering column: $50
Sport Steering Wheel No Airbag: DAMAGED

Trunk carpet and trim: $40
Floor is pretty dirty

Wiper motor and linkage: $50

HVAC complete cabin unit (without blower motor or blow motor cover): $100
Exhaust (not including manifolds): $100
Exhaust manifolds: SOLD

3 Wheels (17" 7 spoke with almost new tires): $125, $100, $90
Prorated for curb rash. the best one has a small spot about 2" long, the worst has rash all the way around.

Relay Box near Master Cylinder: $25

Hood Hinges with struts: $60

Trunk Hinges with Struts: $60

Heater Hoses: $10

Heater Control Valve: $25

Carbon Canister: $75

Box full of official OEM BMW hardware $30

Rear bumper skin (Silver): $90

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