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All this shows is that people dictate their views based on emotional responses rather than logic.

Key points :

- bad guys will get guns regardless if they are legal or not. Thus, banning them from the hands of law abiding citizens is flat out dangerous.
- To say bad guys won't get guns regardless of their legality ignores illegal immigration and unregistered firearm statistics.
- Gun violence & gun rights in the state do NOT go hand in hand. In fact, there are many states which have very lenient laws and low violence and vice versa
- Many of the most violent cities are those with the strictest gun laws
- Newtown is located in one of the more strict counties of the USA
- Only 3% of gun related violence in the US in 2012 resulted from 223 or 556 rounds (those fired from AR15s)
- 2/3 of gun related deaths are from suicide... so ignore ANY statistic that mentions "gun related deaths".. they are misleading
- MOST gun violence results from gang violence in the inner cities. Why crack down on gun toting suburbinites?
- School shootings has NOTHING to do with gun access... it has to do with copy cat killers that now see a school shooting as a way to get themselves on TV and made infamous (better than being a loser)

Those pushing to ban ARs and other military rifles are morons. Those pushing to ban "all guns" at least have an intellectual argument.

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