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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Moderately impressed.

New styling is certainly new(ish), dramatic and a departure from the current design language.

However...the actual design detailing is somewhat haphazard and does not cohere really well: a lot of individually interesting bits a bit losely combined. The back end especially is a conglomeration a bits that seem somewhat randomly applied and don't necesarily relate to each other too well.

I'm sure those seeking little more than visual drama and a departure from slavish adherence to previous Corvette design traits will be quite pleased. However, more discerning eyes might discern a less well integrated and thought out overall design, especially in the detailing, than they might have hoped.

Over all, a good to design that will get the job done but falls a bit short of greatness.
I agree. There are a lot of individually cool design things going on, but when everything is put together, it looks off. The Camaro rear is the worst bit.

The new Viper on the other hand.... my god
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