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Originally Posted by chilone View Post
Hmmm. I found a pretty good amount of informative stuff including yours about the Hawk pads.
Thanks, I appreciate that and no disrecpect... I hope it proves useful for folks.. I was just catching up with the back and forth and I guess I let it aggravate me. The parts about what we all do for a living and general statements detracting from actual reviews.

follow-on notes regarding my HPS installation. For the first time ever I did not use Hawk's recommended bedding procedure and I paid the price for the first 200 miles. The friction levels are now becoming quite good, but it took some time. It's important to follow their bedding instructions to avoid this uncomfortable period. The pedal feel is great.. very easy to modulate. Still need to push down to stop, but the harder you step the harder it brakes. I prefer that to "grabby". I haven't given it the "oh crap" test yet because I have things in my car I care about not-breaking.

Everything is a compromise in Brakes... quality of construction aside, you can't get high mileage, low dust, high torque, maximum fade resistance and high initial bite from the same pad... you just need to choose what works best for you.

If we would review pads that way it would be more helpful.

HPS = high quality, very low dust, very high mileage, good fade resistance, standard initial bite, very linear progression, medium torque.

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