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We're not disagreeing, carbs are needed on workout days. One cannot remove carbs completely. One workout days 10-20% carbs from healthy sources works well. Yes, carbs could come from veggies but having brown rice or sweet potatoes won't make you fat.

You asked about whole wheat vs plain pasta, the article explains the difference.

Originally Posted by dabears View Post
that article is a joke man.

pasta isn't healthy, period. The key ingredient is FLOUR. Same with bread. You get some health benefits from eating whole GRAINS but whole wheat is a stupid marketing trick to make people think they are eating healthier. Your body treats whole wheat and "white" the same. The glycemic index is a load of bullshit for the most part... this coming from someone who used to follow it religiously. There are so many factors to glycemic uptake that a simple chart is preposterous.

Making something less unhealthy doesn't make it HEALTHY. It's just less bad for you... who cares, it is still unhealthy.

And nothing you get from eating "complex carbs" isn't easily obtained from a diet rich in vegetables. Eating whole grains for the vitamin & nutrient benefit is like eating soy for its protein content... there are much better, healthier, and more complete sources.
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