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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
We're not disagreeing, carbs are needed on workout days. One cannot remove carbs completely. One workout days 10-20% carbs from healthy sources works well. Yes, carbs could come from veggies but having brown rice or sweet potatoes won't make you fat.

You asked about whole wheat vs plain pasta, the article explains the difference.
Re-read what I wrote, then read your response. If it makes sense to you, and you think it was an answer to my post, god bless you simple child.

I was stating that pasta, regardless of its makeup, is not healthy. Same with bread. There is no health benefit to it, and definitely many ill effects.

In regards to bodybuilding however, pasta and bread are great sources of carbohydrates and calories, because they are so refined. Insulin is very anabolic. I eat pasta and bread occassionally on workout days because they are so calorie dense, enabling me to hit 3000 plus calories without resorting to mass fat intake (combined with carbs and a caloric surplus it would be a bad idea)

Eating anything in specific won't make you fat, a caloric surplus will. Hence why pasta and bread can and will make you fat if you are sedentary, they are chock full of calories and insulin spiking carbs that have no purpose in the sedentary human.

Guys like m3inline are very active, and I actually believe he couldn't function without eating the way he does, to a certain extent. If he tried to eat 10-20% carbs he wouldn't do very well imo. I've seen him mad for lackluster performance despite eating two peoples daily food intake by lunch!

And based on your posts, and the fact I know you are trying to gain strength, you aren't getting anywhere close to enough calories. Before posting threads like this, you should probably evaluate your own situation.
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