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Well, since my car is running half decent Engine Wear/Protection from being boost came to mind.

I have been running M1 0w-40 since I had the car at 40k. M1 said they ZDDP in that oil is about 1100 per quart. M1 claims that is plenty for our cars. Upon opening my motor and swapping Cams. I beg to differ. So, I started looking for other ways to boost or get off the shelf Syn Motor Oil that has a Higher Content of ZPPD. Then, I came across this Lucas Oil 10063 Engine Break-In Oil Additive. The bottle is 16oz. and has about 35000+ ZPPD per bottle. Which is Great! To my calculations, I will need about 1-1.5oz per oil change (7-8 quarts).

Mobile 1 0w-40 = 1100 ZPPD
Lucas 1oz = 2188 ZPPD

So if my calculations is right...

1100(7) + 2188 = 9888 ZPPD (7 quarts)
9888/7 = 1412 ZPPD (per quart)

Which to me is acceptable as the motor oil I am using in my M20 (e30) has about 1400 ZPPD and Most Redline Racing Motor Oil has about 1500 ZPPD per quart.

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