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Originally Posted by m5killa View Post
Are they switching to SBR rifles?
Not necessarily SBRs, but rifles-yes. 5.56/.223 and 6.8SPC loads have far better performance and lethality than pistol rounds, longer range, more precision, and better barrier defeating properties, including punching through soft armor (which pistol rounds won't do). Additionally, barrier blind and urban rifle loads have a lower propensity of over-penetration than pistol rounds. FBI stats have indicated that a greater percentage of rifle rounds are recovered inside the body of the suspect(s) than pistol or shotgun rounds. This is done by percentage of incidents compared to overall incidents where that weapon option was used.

Pistol rounds are known to suck when putting bad guys down, and lengthening the barrel does not make them any more lethal. You just get better accuracy, longer range and higher rate of fire than you do with a pistol. When the bullet hits the meat however, it's still the same as if you shot them with a pistol.

Special operations units needing compact suppressed weapons have largely moved away from the MP5s, and some switched to the MP7A1, which fires a 4.6x30mm "subcaliber" type round. Many of the units that have used the MP7A1 have subsequently ditched due to poor performance, opting for .300BLK subsonic loads out of suppressed SBRs, which are far more effective and lethal.
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