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You must fake your orgasms. lol
Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Just banged and I'm about to go indoor rock climbing. It will not affect me because I am not the one with the vagina.
I was asking I was not stating. It helps to read before posting. Mr Matt.
Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Studies show it can actually increase performance.

You should stop posting false information. That's 2 in the past day.
Are you mad brah?
Originally Posted by 2K5 325i View Post
Dwass, after his post you just quoted, I'd save the good helpful information for deserving members. ,
One helpful answer. Thank you!
Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
I won't address the part where you imply that you're some sexual hero

A lot of people attribute bad workouts after sex to hormonal issues. A few studies have suggested that's not the issue.

I'd think, especially after having sex twice, the issue is that you had what equates to going jogging twice. Even with your sexual hero status, this will take a fair amount of your glycogen stores, leaving you with less energy to lift weights.
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