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iPhone Hotspot Issues

Just in case any of you iPhone users run into the issue of an inability to connect the Dynavin to your iPhone hotspot, or you connect and lose the connection, the problem may be with your phone, not the Dynavin.

Apple has designed a 90-second discoverability period once the hotspot on the iPhone is turned on. If you do not connect during that time and your phone goes to sleep or you go to another screen on your iPhone, your iPhone will not put the hotspot in discover mode. This is done as a security element and a battery saver, but is not always convenient.

Apple is aware of this issue (per board comments) but may or may not be fixing it. However, there is a solution that has worked for me.

In order to keep the hotspot in discovery mode and keep the connection, you need to make sure that your phone is on your Hotspot page in Settings, AND THAT PAGE MUST STAY ON AND NOT GO TO SLEEP WHILE USING THE CONNECTION. If you simply switch the Auto-Lock in Settings>General to Never, your phone will not go to sleep automatically. Once you are on the hotspot page of Settings, your phone will not go to sleep and your Dynavin will have enough time to connect. (You can leave the switch set to On, as it will only stay on indefinitely if you stay on the hotspot page.) The down side is that you will need to push the power button quickly to turn off when not in use. However, for me that is an agreeable compromise, as it is something I normally do.

Hope you find this helpful!
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