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Torque/Bluetooth Connection Problems

I have a fairly new install of a Dynavin and I had added the M3Evolution ROM, and overall have been quite impressed. Now that I have figured out the right process for me when starting up the car with a hotspot connection as well as shutting it down, my wifi connects have been solid and quick.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the bluetooth connection.

I added the ScanTool MX OBD bluetooth adapter to my car, then placed the wifi dongle on a hub along with an IOGear 2.1 Bluetooth adapter. I then installed Torque Pro.

The good news is that I have been able to get Torque to work over the bluetooth connection as while the wifi connection was running...every once in a while.

About 4 times out of five the bluetooth icon shows on android and the OBD adapter is "Paired but not connected" but when I start up Torque (or OBDLink) it never connects. Turning on and off the bluetooth doesn't change the status. Then there is that one time that the bluetooth icon does not come on and it is unchecked in the settings, and checking it does not turn bluetooth on.

And then every once in a while it all works.

Anyone have any suggestions of how to make the bluetooth connection work consistently? Maybe there is a startup/shutdown process I need to do? Any suggestions from anyone that gets consistent connections?
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