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Form Checks! Please Critique

Hey fanatics! I reached my goal of gaining 20 lbs in a year!!!!! First new years resolution i actually completed. Went from 5 8'' 130lb to 150lb with a body fat % of 12. I have now been squatting and deadlifting for about a year and still working some kinks out with form and I want to start to put the weight on.

I was a "bro" routine guy in my early years in college therefore my numbers are a bit out of whack. I can do a 5x5 bench of 165lb but only doing 5x5 squat at 165lbs and deadlift at 185lbs. Trying to improve the last 2 lifts.

I attached a video of my last squat set(unfortunately prob my worst). Anyone got any advice? Ppl have commented that my stance is to wide and I feel that i lean to much forward and not enough on my heels.

Ima try to upload a deadlift video later this week since I feel I really need help with it.

Looking for help and criticism!

youtube link:

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