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So is your car just running the speakers straight to the head unit? You can easily check for the harness in the left side of the trunk. There are plenty of amp wire DIY's that walk you through the process of removing the side carpet panel. All you do is take off the tail light, pop the rivits holding the carpet in and pull it back. All the nav, CD changer and amp wires should be wrapped in a cloth bundle if pre-wired. As far as I know the size of the drivers should be the same. Have you looked at the cost difference of going aftermarket vs OEM? I actually took out my stock stem except for the head unit and replaced the amp and speakers with after market items. The stock speakers and amp are ok for OEM but you could get an aftermarket setup for cheaper and that can handle more power and quality. All of the E46's I've seen in the states have at least the basic amp and 3 way speakers in the front doors and with HK systems as an upgrade.
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