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Originally Posted by CTRob View Post
I can understand that mate and I'm sorry I'm unable to help you as I haven't purchased the unit yet, I do hope you get it sorted soon though

I guess for me the one thing that is stopping me from purchasing the unit is the GPS issue and whether the unit can be rooted or not.

I use the GPS navigation quite a lot (Googe maps) so it's something I'd really like to work
Well since the GPS works with 1 soft but not well with igo it's definetily not a harware issue so it will be "easy" to solve....Since igo does not "remember" the settings we might have to edit them directly on the SD card...but we could also edit the speed settings, the guys at gpspassion or gpsunderground will have a solution for us, or in the worst case you use another navigation app such as copilot or navigon...

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