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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
I was just going to same thing.

Your headlights look like pretty good quality, I cannot read the top lettering very well, but the yellow tags I believe are the warning labels for the HID ballast output??

I also see at least 1 adjustment screw in the pictures as well, they are the hex socket round screws neat the half moon cut out in your core support.

DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST THESE LIGHTS YET. Lets see the pattern first.

Also do your lights dip and then raise back up at night when you start the car?

Take a picture of your light pattern from inside the drivers seat, at night with your lights shining on a flat wall with the car 25 feet back or so.

This will show the upper level cut off of the lights.

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but I recall 2006 coupes if they have factory HID they had Active Bi-Xenon's. Also turn your high beams on at night and tell us if the inner lights turn on or now.

Bi-Xenon's only the outer lights are on when the high beams on turned on. The inner halogen lights are only for "Flash To Pass".

There were also issues with some of the reflectors breaking down and killing the light output and possibly the pattern as well. You can search and find more info on this.

Also if you look VERY carefully around the metal rim of the low beam bulbs you should be able to read something like Bi-Xenon or something should be cast into the metal trim.

You really need a light pattern shot from 25-30 feet back against a flat wall.
Originally Posted by hacksawmark View Post
Regarding the yellow tags; how can I confirm they are for HID output? I'm aware of the adjustment screw you're speaking of. That is for the up/down adjustment. The lights do not dip when turned on so don't think they're Bi-Xenons. I will take additional photos at the earliest opportunity (hopefully this evening). I would do it now (since it's still dark out) but my driveway is not level with the road when I back up that far.
You don't have Xenons. The facelift coupes all came with lights that look the same from the outside (minus the Xenon lettering). Yours are halogens just like mine. Those quality bulbs that you bought as well so that is probably not the issue. Gimme one minute and I'll point out the adjuster screws.

+1 on the engine bay. That's very clean.

Edit: Here are the adjuster locations

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