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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Yeah... I'm trying to figure out if he'll give my friends the same discount that he offered me if I dont' work as the middle man.. looks like it likely won't fly so I'll have to pony up the cash and cover shipping from me to you guys... he said he could offer 380 shipped to me per 1000 rounds... not really sure what it will cost to ship ammo but I have to imagine it's at least 20+ bucks per 1000 rounds... So I'd need to know that people on here would be ok with a price point of 400-425 (depending on shipping and if people wanted insurance) before I ponied up big bucks on my credit card.

But definitely want to help you guys.. especially given the time David put into helping me with my rifle order

For shipping info:
Shipping can only be done through UPS ground. It cost me $45 to ship 2,000 rounds using a friends commercial account. When I priced it out online, it was near $70 for the 2,000 rounds at standard price. It's 28lbs per 1,000 rounds of 5.56.
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