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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
You got my point man..
It's not only that i love my car.. and that i ve spent a lot of money into it since 2007..
It' difficult to find a good decent ///M here, selling mine + some cash.. they want me to pay 10K+, money that i have, but don't want to spend cause i believe it's not worth it.. As i said before, good Ms sell here around 18-22K, but they are n't interested in trade.. everybody with the economic crisis wants cash!!!! They don't buy expensive cars and cars over 2000cc..
And yes.. the insurance and road tax of an m3 is an extra cost.. which here in Greece is alot (1.100 euro is the road tax for the M3!!!!!).
I belive ESS is the best..
I wanna first check the condition of my motor.. (compression test etc)
G power has some afordable kits that are reliable cause ESS gets a little higher than i want..
Ya you can always get a stage 1 of whatever brand kit you want and then after awhile get the stage 2!

Oh and my 325 is 1100 euro road tax in Ireland. The m3 is 1650!
You would be expecting great roads for that price, instead its all pot holes and speed bumps! haha
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