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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
I did the intro session at my local Crossfit yesterday. After the standard "this is what Crossfit is and this is why we think it's great" we went through the workout.

First part was some sort of sandbag carry where you throw a rucksack filled with sand over your shoulder, take it a distance, run back to where you started, run back, and do it again. I'm not sure how heavy my bag was, but we did five of these. Next was burpees - ten of them. Last was "wall balls," fifteen of them, and I used a 20lb ball. It was a ten minute timed workout.

I got 2.5 circuits done. I was doing great on the rucksack things...then came burpees. I couldn't make it through ten of them without stopping, nevermind that my form on them is terrible (and they are a miserable, awful movement).

Anyway, I liked it overall. I signed up for a month of Crossfit. The first two weeks is "foundation" classes, where they go over a different aspect each time. After that, you can do any of the WOD sessions, olympic lifting sessions, benchmarking, etc.
Glad you enjoyed it. I like when people outside of the cf world can open their eyes a little and see that there is a lot of good to it. Just keep us posted to see if their are any red flags that pop up.

Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
Fair enough. After you put your money where your mouth is and compete in something, you'll have dust to bite, too
I want to see bmwmatt do 50 burpees now

Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
Good for you dude. Crossfit can be very difficult, but at the end of the day it can be a great fitness tool. Some people aren't going to agree with some of the movements, like me, but they will certainly whip you in to shape! Good luck.
Many crossfitters would even say what you and I do is "cf" which to me is too broad of a term. IMO cf would be perfect if it all focused on progression and had a little more thought put into all the workouts.
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