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Originally Posted by simonbodner View Post
I am looking to change all of the mounts possible at the same time, I have a 2005 330xi and have vibration at idle and odd rear wheel stumbling when going above 65mph in a turn. I figured the motor mounts (at 99k miles) are due to be changed, and the rear trailing arm bushings should be swapped (that should correct fast turning rear wheel issues). Also to note 2k miles ago, I got new Goodyear tires from sears put on.

When it comes to transmission mounts ... I have the GM Automatic transmission, do I only need to change the Gearbox rubber mount as shown bellow?
Yes, that's all you need to change for the tranny mount but unless it is actually damaged and/or failed I wouldn't bother changing it.

You need to look into the source of your rough idle before you start throwing parts at it. Could be as simple as an O2 sensor or a rip/crack in your intake boot.

I agree, that the rear trailing arm bushings need to be changed out and that shouldn't take any shop very long if they have the right tool.
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