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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
I was agreeing you with until you posted this.

Not all calories are equal. Even if one is eating below their needed intake there are bad and good calories. There is plenty of studies on the subject. I'm no expert but I have read enough about that area.

Actually eating just needed calories and not working out will make you fat. The body need stimulus to stay fit as it's easier on the body to be fat and not muscular. I don't know where you get this info from.

Yes, people with cardio intense workouts require lots of carbs. More into 40-50% range.

My situation has been good man. Even though I was sick with flu for a week, but I made some good gains after pushing myself in the last 5 weeks. Will post some pics in my progress thread. I was missing few things in my food and workouts were not heavy enough.

No. You would lose both muscle and fat. I don't know where YOU are getting your info from. Fat is energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Hence you can only GAIN fat by eating more than your total daily energy expenditure.

And of course there are "good and bad calories".

And you deadlift and squat on a smith machine.
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