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Originally Posted by YYCBMW View Post
Thanks for the note
Is the AA kit just loud on idle, while driving, or both? That's my biggest concern is it being loud. I've heard the VF kit is pretty quiet too. I haven't heard of the ASA kit before. I'll have to look into it. Is it a Centrifugal or Twin Screw? I've been trying to listen on youtube to people who have their car s/c'd but I can't tell if it's loud haha.

I talked to AA and ESS about their systems and they do not do any software adjustments for the auto tranny either.
AA kit at idle you hear the sc whine. At shifts u hear pssssh and cruising you hear a faint psssh.

The G-Power kit is a centrifugal kit.

ESS is the quiet then AA and VF and Gpower is the quietest/silent...

The tranny mod you will have to come up on your own...
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