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Ask yourself what would come of it?

The reality of the relationship returning and you two living hapily ever after is not likely. If you are young and doubt us, go for it and have fun while it lasts. If you are a bit older and wiser...heed the advice and move on.

If you just want a female friend to go out for drinks with and have an occasional hookup...this could be the ticket. Lesson I learned a while back...A woman would rather recycle an old boyfriend for hookup sex than to go out and have a one nighter with a stranger. Even had an ex gf proudly exclaim that very fact once. Broke up....6 months passed...began to text...hooked up. Morning after she got up and was all proud and said with a smile "Yes!!! Got awesome sex and didn't have to raise my number" I laughed at her...but inside I was this is what it feels like to be a used beotch!!! lol.

Chances are that is all she feel that special feeling you once made her feel even though she knows it is only a temporary.

So...logical step...move on and stay clear of her. If you can handle slight drama but CAN remain emotionally detached...go for trying the F buddy angle.

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