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Ok, test it yourself. Don't lift for 2-3 weeks, eat your daily needed calories, notice change to your body.

You're on crack bro. Otherwise, fit people did not have to work out to maintain their nice bodies. Ever heard of maintenance?

So ya on a smith machine. Do your research, it's ok for squats. Not ideal for DL. One more month till the gym gets new racks and BBs. You get hung up on stupid stuff. Even though you're a bit bigger than I'm, we should have a lifting day together to see who is stronger. Maybe even an MMA style fight so I can kick you in the teeth. Just kidding man, you guys take this $hit too seriously. Go have some sex and relax but don't work out on the same day.

Originally Posted by dabears View Post
No. You would lose both muscle and fat. I don't know where YOU are getting your info from. Fat is energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Hence you can only GAIN fat by eating more than your total daily energy expenditure.

And of course there are "good and bad calories".

And you deadlift and squat on a smith machine.
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