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It's not my preferred method, but you guys are failing to realize that my freaking gym does not have racks until it's done with renovation. I said smith machine is ok for squats. Better than press machine or any other machine. Unless you geniuses have better alternatives. I posted a thread about DL with smith machine alternatives and got nothing.

So am I supposed to not work out because the gym gods here say smith machine is no good? Provide solutions instead of arguing to show you're right or wrong. This is the most visible attribute about these forums. Be like the crowd on reddit. Help each other instead of criticizing and proving to be right.

Again rack is better but I don't have it at my gym yet.

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
time out. He just justified the smith machine for squats? Ask 1000 professionals in the world if fitness and ask what's better. A smith or a rack. I can eat soup with a fork and it will eventually get in my belly but it's not ideal.
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