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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
Thank you, now you're talking.

It's a tough dilemma, my gym is 18,000 sqf. Racks and other big equipment are removed for 2 months and will be restored in march. I pay $20/month, no contract. My other option is a crossfit gym, but it's like 80$/m for gym, and 170$/m for 3 CF sessions a week and I can use the gym whenever I want.

Stay at current gym? Or quit and do CF for 2 months till my gyms gets racks?

-PS I can also do unlimited CF sessions for 200$/m. I can afford it, but that seems like lots of money to spend on gym membership. I would rather spend that money on sex toys or strippers .
I assume that $80/month is for a no contract rate? Do they have discounts for like a 1 year signup or something?
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