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Originally Posted by Visor328i View Post
Are 19x8.5 et35 doable all around on a 325xit? Will be lowered on KW V1.

(Sorry for threadjack but this could help OP)
You should be good to go, I have a few guys running that size wheel with FK coilovers on the Xi. V1s are slightly larger coils but you should still have clearance between the wheel/tire and coil.

Originally Posted by Lou3viLL3sLuGGa View Post
Thank you all for replying! Could anyone tell me a good place to look for BMW wheels? Is anyone selling any? Would it be ok to make a thread asking of anyone is selling BMW wheels? I followed this guide...

& really like styles 67,190,220... but do t know where I'd locate them to purchase?

also does anyone have a recommendation on clearing all the lighting around? Depo or eagle eye? Led or not? Where to buy that as well? ...
Style 67s in 19x8 ET47 are going to be BMW part number 36112229650, I have them available HERE.

Style 190s
8x19 ET37 - 36116768970 LINK
9x19 ET39 - 36116768971 LINK

Style 220 are going to be a bit too aggressive, they only come from BMW in 8.5x19 ET29 and 9.5x19 ET33, both fitments will be very very aggressive on your car.

With some of the wheels you like in mind, you might want to check out the Alzor 716, only thing is it's currently only avaible in an 18. LINK. I have a host of other wheels which might interest you avaible HERE.

For the lights I have a few options. For tails Eagle eyes are rather popular as are FKs, you can view all options for your car HERE. For side markers Depos are popular, we do have a few other options you may want to check out, click HERE for side markers. Headlights, Depos are probably our most popular aftermarket choice, you can view headlights for your car HERE.

You also said you'd like to lower the car, coilovers are the direction I typically suggest as they'll give you the ability to dial in the ride height right where you want it. HERE is my selection of coilovers for your car.

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