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Why is that? I'm a software architect, it's easier on brain and eyes to read what the other person have to say first. Why are you all guys hating on me out of the sudden. I love it. Always hated because I'm awesome.

Does it bother you the way I quote things? I can do it anyway you want. Just tell me.
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along with using a smith machine, the way you quote things is a terrible character flaw.
I have other options, but these two gyms are within 10min drive. What do you think about CF part?
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you live in boston, and those are your only two choices? cmon
Yes, I can get a cheaper membership. But now you just opened my eyes to a third option. My gym has another branch within a 20min drive. I can go there, they have racks even though it's only half the size of my current gym. But 20min drive to workout? I could have sex or finish 4 sets of squats in those 20min.

Looks like either trying the CF for 2 months and pay $$, still 10min drive. Or just go to my other gym branch and waste extra time on driving. What do you think?

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I assume that $80/month is for a no contract rate? Do they have discounts for like a 1 year signup or something?
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