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Originally Posted by adamdifilippo View Post
I can't believe there's a state worse than Mass when it comes to gun laws. I feel bad for NY residents. How the law makers reached that decision is something I will never understand. They're probably exempt from it too.... (just a guess)

I find it incredible that they are literally stealing from their citizens. High cap mags won't even be grandfathered in. They spent money on magazines and have to surrender them to LE. I didn't read anything about compensation??

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From what I read, you will have a 12 month grace period to sell them (on your own, not to LE) to an out of state buyer, and then if you are caught with one, you are going to get the chair....probably....

Slick move on their part....I bet the lawmakers didn't even realize this would basically make all guns other than revolvers useless....or they did and figured this was an excellent way of banning most guns without banning guns.

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