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F buddy is not usually done with a conversation. The girl does not want it to feel like a business arrangement. Rather it is more of a push / pull thing. Send limited texts, be friendly, be flirty, but also be distant and ambiguous at other times. Goal of texts is to setup a meet for drinks. You don't want to be her best friend, so no long drawn out texting sessions. Once you have the meetup, try to let the woman take the lead wth sending signals. But when she does, make sure to stroke her ego and make her feel good. Number one thing...A girl doesn't want a F buddy for the sex. A girl is seeking that feeling of being wanted, being special even if they know it is not relationship material. A girl is seeking that emotional ego boost. That is the hot button you need to key in on. Then invite her back to your place for a movie and go from there.

Personally, I've only burned one bridge in my life. Normally I try not to burn any bridges and usually that philosophy works ,which has often resulted in amazing boomerang poon.

Good luck!

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