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More questions for Enco owners please and thank you
  • Does Google maps/Nav auto recalculates the route if you go off the designated route? (The Dynavin Android 2.2 O/S doesn't auto recalulate ) - EDIT- just thought about this, this probably can't be tested at the minute until the GPS is fixed right??
  • Does the sound cuts out when reverse gear is selected or does it just lower?
  • Can the unit be tethered by USB cable to the likes of a samsung Galaxy II/III ? (I know we can Tether over wifi but I have a usb cradle/dock in my car for my Galaxy II and interested to see if USB tethering might work to the Enco).
  • How sensitive is the Touchscreen? (Dynavin screen has a bit of a mind of it's own when clicking on letters etc so looking to see ease of use etc on the Enco).
  • Does the time and date on the Android side save (like it would on a phone) or does it lose time/date setting each time the unit is restarted ?(Dynavin units required the time to be manually set each time the unit is started or a GPS or WiFi/Internet connection to set it).

Would love to see a review of the new units on the Android side

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