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Another thread revival here.

I've only had my ZHP for 3 days now but I can see I'd probably like to increase the tire size to fix the speedo error (reads faster than I'm actually going) and also to get more cushion under me for a slightly more civilized ride. I know some wise guy will probably pipe up that I should not have got a ZHP if I don't like race mode. Well, there is so much to like about the ZHP, I don't see any harm tweaking a little.

So here's my idea. When I get new tires I go from:

Fronts Rears
225/40/18 255/35/18


225/45/18 255/40/18

I do not believe that change will confuse the DSC. It will increase actual speed by about 4%.

How does this sound? Has anybody did it?

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