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My bad experiance with Eastex Shooting Supply....

So I bought 5 CMMG .22 mags right around the time of sandy hook when they were $15 each.. I bought them on the 18th (friday) and had the MO in the mail on the 21st, the following monday. I still have the stub to prove it...

Never recieved any emails in that time peroid and they I recieved my MO back with out any notice.... WEEKS later I recieved my MO back in a badly hand written envelope with no return address and no note inside saying why they did not fill my order! Now there running $60 each!!!

Wish some companies would stand behind what they sell instead of "refunding" money with out notice and relisting the auction with 400+ mags still in stock.

Eastex Shooting
Box 421976
Houston, TX 77242-1976
United States

Daytime Phone:

Today they FINALLY get back to me..

Did you mail payment or pay via credit card - I do not show payment was received.


I replied and explained that they mailed back the payment... so I get this!

Hi Ronnie, yes the payment is from an auction won on 12-18-12. Unfortunately we cannot hold items/auctions for that long and items are no longer available

Have a nice day W. I'm pissed, I have nothing better to do, and I'm on alot of forums!

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