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Originally Posted by paraklas View Post
I have used a combination of power resistors, capacitors and relay to overcome the flickering/bulb-out warning on the OEM Led tails. This was 4 years ago, until I was able to do it the proper way with a new LCM. Cars pre- 09/01 can't have the installed LCM recoded.

If a new LCM was not that expensive, I would have gone the recode route without second thought. I was able however to purchase a NEW LCM over ebay for $50 which I had it coded with Autologic for the LED. No issues at all.

But I removed that setup after finding on long trips the resistors and heatsink was heating to a point where I found it unsafe, thus using the EE resitor packs which seem to dissipate heat/power better as they don't heat up.

PS. it was inside a IP6 rated case, but the outside of the case started showing signs of melting
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