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So happy that it was time to do my front brakes. I cant wait to do my rear. The previous owner had put some crappy aftermarket pads on, and my god does it make your pedal alot squishier. I didnt do anything crazy yet, just went with factory size for now because it is easy on the wallet and I'm not sure what BBK I would like to go with.

I went with ECS Tuning Geomet Rotors, Genuine OEM BMW Semi-Ceramic Brake Pads, and Genuine OEM BMW Brake Pads Wear Sensor.

The ECS Turning Rotors are awesome. I got them for a great price during the christmas sale. A set of quality front rotors for less than $130 shipped. They are coated in an aluminum coating to prevent rusting and to keep them looking good. It is a very similar coating to what comes on BMW's factory rotors. I am very happy with them and give a big to ECS Tuning.

People often under estimate the quality of BMW OEM brake pads. An e90 M3 or E60 M5 all have single piston sliding brake calipers with semi floating rotors. No fancy 6 pot rotors or anything, but my god, the braking power would blow you away.

One little side note...

Got a new Canon 1.4f 50mm prime for my camera. I love it!!!!!

Now back on topic.

Got her set up on the blocks.

The parts set up waiting to get put on.

Took off the front wheels... Look at them ugly front brakes. Rusting like hell for living in socal.

Old pads are getting low.

Old pads out.

Old rotor off. Comparison between old vs. new.

Cleaned up the hubs from left over rust.

Installed new rotors.

Cleaned the calipers up and compressed the pistons. Make sure you take some brake fluid out of the reservoir so it doesnt over flow when you compress the brake pistons back in to the calipers. Removed and cleaned these horrific guide pins.

Cleaned them up and relubbed them with some anti-sieze

Cleaned the caliper carrier and relubricated the guides. Prepped the pads.

All back together!

I properly bedded the brakes and it is night and day.

Front:18x10 et12 Rear: 18x10 et20
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