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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
I really don't understand why anyone would NOT want armed guards/cops at the child's school.

My public middle and high schools both had a full time cop on campus. I just assumed all public schools did.

They are called "School Resource Officers."

I would much rather have cops in schools than private security.

What is wrong with pulling some money from fighting wars and hiring more cops for schools.
SROs were the best things ever to happen at a school. They were safe and made me feel safe. I always knew where they were in case i needed help and it helped prevent any stupid acts. We lost our SRO officer for one year due to funding and that same year we had $4000 dollars worth of band equipment stolen. There was one time where an officer had to intervene in a fight where a student from another school who was not supposed to be there came over to our high school and attacked some kid. The SRO dropped his radio and literally 10 minutes, the whole school was under lock down by police, there were walls of cops blocking off certain hallways because they thought they had an injured officer.

Seriously, when I have kids, I want him/her to go to a school with armed guards or at least an SRO.

EDIT: I feel like people are making armed guards to be like robots with guns in schools. When really they are more like fathers and mothers and human beings protecting other kids with guns. One helped me in middle school way back when to stand up to a bully because if he were to come and intervene, it would make things worse. He was right.
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