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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Don't ride the clutch or sit with your foot on the brake and the clutch down. Stopping: brake, clutch down, gears in neutral, clutch up, apply hand brake. Start: clutch down, first gear, hand brake off, clutch up and move off. Get into that routine. Pretty soon you will do it without even thinking about it. Sounds like a lot of effort but good driving takes effort. Lazy driving leads to mishaps.
Why are you going through the hassle of shifting so damn much and even going as far applying the parking drive.. seriously? Maybe I've been awake too long and can't find the sarcasm.

For any sort of traffic where I don't have a need for speed, I tend to keep a proportional car distance in relation to speed, I try to look past the first car in front of me and generally look toward what the cars in front of him are doing (speeding up/ braking/ merging) and adjust accordingly. First gear sometimes tends to be tricky so try second, I usually don't let the revs drop below idle and let hills help me out.

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