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Originally Posted by JR @ RS WORX View Post
Prices are correct and are competitive with other companies

you have a PM
No...they are not.

Looking at 13k without EMS...without fuel system...
so add on 3100 for the basic EMS without CAN display, I-boost, etc..
we'll say about 1200 for flex fuel sensor, can display, I-boost
add on 3600 for the Saad fuel system with pumps and injectors

And then there is a anywhere from 1k-3k

So for the basic setup without subframe reinforcement...upgraded mounts, Saad ignition system and alot more "recommended items"... You're over 20k just to start without an engine build.

This is by far the most expensive far and I wouldn't even say it's at quality to even consider spending that much...

So the basic HPF tuner kit with intercooler setup is $6000...SAAD tuner kit is $13000 ...the only big differences is the oil sump and tubular exhaust manifold...which for a non-built motor is pointless.

Now for can get a full DME tuned setup with MaxPSI which is by far one of the best setups money can buy.

And then you have the FSR setup which very well may blow the HPF/Saad options away as far as quality and performance goes...pricing yet to be released but with the level of work they've been putting into their should be damn near perfect.

Regardless looking forward to seeing another boosted M on the road, just wanted to clarify some pricing so people are more aware
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