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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
I do agree that a SRO is a good thing to have. Although my highschool was HUGE and he probably couldn't prevent everything, I definitely prefer to have him there rather than not. I think it's the next best thing behind tactically training each and every teacher with a firearm and having then be armed. It's also cheaper because if I were a teacher I would want a steep pay increase for having that training be necessary.
honestly, if you were to put the offer out there for training, some would take it for the same (shitty) pay that they already get. It would be like first responders in a company work setting. i mean it's not cool, to not pay teachers extra to do it, but id rather have teachers who want the training because of the training than teachers who want the training because of the raise.

i misread your post and now im too lazy to change mine. sorry about that.

edit: i must not be that sorry. okay im sorry about misreading your post. not sorry about my laziness to edit.
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