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Originally Posted by mixedgas401 View Post
Caster was at 4.5 right and 4.4 left frt.

The bushings in the back of the control arm are OEM....(in the sense that they aren't offset).

The car was crashed but it was a side swipe.

I noticed while looking at struts the front struts do not have a perch in the picture on an xi but the I does. Is my perch supposed to be removable

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Suggest you post a picture of what you are talking about regarding that strut mount.

Struts are straight no matter what type they are, so they have no impact on caster or camber. Caster and camber are influenced by the relationship of the outer control arm ball joint and the top mount of the strut tower. There is no adjustability of caster or camber in the upright itself. There is a procedure in the Bentley manual for knocking out the top strut mount alignment pin and moving the mount slightly to correct issues (if the car has been in an incident). If you can't correct the problem by using the stock holes there is a problem elsewhere.

0.1 degree caster isn't much to worry about IMO. Caster is there to allow the vehicle to self-track to center and to give "road feel", numbers in that range should do the trick. I don't know the alignment specs of the xi off memory, but caster in that range is probably acceptable. The most you generally see on a car is 5 degrees.
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