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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Well it makes sense to the licensing authorities who set the test criteria so that's all that matters if you want to pass a test in the UK. Its been working for me for nearly 40 years of driving manuals. Its second nature to me. I actually had to think hard about it to write it down. One part of the test is the hill start. You have to park on a steep hill, applying the hand brake, of course. Then you have to set off without rolling back or hopping. You fail that you fail the test. Managing the hand brake is an important part of the test.
If its part of your licensing test, then I won't sit here and disagree with you. Ill just accept that things are different there. I honestly wish driving test were so much stricter over here. To get a license you have to A: breathe oxygen. That's all.

I just never find the need to use my handbrake over my foot brake while driving. It's just not the way I was taught and that's where the difference lies. You drive how you were taught.
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