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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Why? Because that's how you drive a manual. The hand brake isn't just for parking. Its also there in case you get a bump from behind. It minimizes the chance of being shunted into the car in front or under the truck in front. You have to take a driving test to get a licence in the UK. If you ride the clutch or fail to apply the parking brake whenever the car is stationary, even in a traffic queue, you will fail your driving test. I don't know about the US but the differences between a manual and an automatic mean that you can't drive a manual on an automatic license in the UK. You have to take a more stringent test. I'm sure there are good reasons for this. The vast majority of cars in the UK are manual. In fact autos are deemed to be a bit wussy.
Over here if you get your license on an automatic, you're licensed to drive a manual. Even if you take your test on a manual car, you're not expected to use the handbrake at a hill. A little bit of roll back is not considered to be an issue. Though these days unless the hill is really steep, I can usually get the car going without rolling back or overrevving the car.

If you take the test on one of the newer cars that have automatic hill hold functions, do you still have to use the handbrake on your test? And what about cars that don't have hand brakes?

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