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Yes, other exercises are important, but weighted pull-ups made the most difference for me. I do 2 weighted pull-ups, 2 weighted chin-ups, followed by body weight pull-ups, body weight chin-ups. I cannot do 25, I end up doing 10-12 as I can barely move my arms at the end. What do you think of this back workout? What would change?

3 sets DL
3 sets pull-ups (as mentioned above)
3 sets chin-ups
3 sets of one of the following rows/cable/bench behind head pull (works mid of back)

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
I mix up my sets, and I almost always try to pull at least 25 using only my body weight after I've performed all of my weighted sets. I still cable row. I still perform dumbbell rows. I still perform T-Bar rows. I still perform lat pull-downs. My point?! There's a place for everything. Pull-ups are great, but there is more to developing a great looking back than just the pull-up.

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