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Lowering the car will induce more negative camber. You can lower the car through a variety of ways, but most use shorter struts and matching springs. Shorter struts are available via coilover kits or "sport" struts.

I'm sorry but I can not answer your direct question becuase I do not have a non-xi for comparison, nor would I want to experiment with non-xi parts when there are xi-parts that would work

It is confusing to answer because you are presenting a problem and a non-sensical solution as your question.

IF you want to fix the camber on your stock car, you would move the strut mounts. If you want to lower your car, you would use aftermarket suspension. If you have a target camber in mind (maybe more for track riding) you would still set the camber by the top strut mounts. If you want aftermarket suspension buy something made for the XI. If you have non-XI suspension sitting around and you want to put that in your XI then do a forum search or maybe someone smarter than me will reply.

As a rule of "good wrenching" you do NOT adjust camber by inserting struts from a non-xi model.

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