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Bump again, I am having similar issues, cylinder #2 gets shut down.

Mine started to show signs of fatigue about a year ago.
When racing the car, if I kept the revs high enough so the rev limiter had to cut in, I would hear a buzzing noise coming from the engine bay.
If the revs were kept high enough for about 5 seconds, the DME would cut off cylinder #2.
Upon checking the error codes, it was identified that the Induction Coil was bad.
Turned out it wasn't that. I swapped the the coil & spark plug from cylinder #2 with the coil and spark plug from cylinder #3 and the problem was still in cylinder #2.

Fast forward a year later (current time), the car runs fine for about 5 minutes, and when the engine warms up, cylinder #2 is cut off (bummer).
If I'm driving it hard, the time until the cylinder is cut off is reduced to about 2 minutes.

A couple of weeks ago I did a compression test. The results were ok considering the car has a tad over 200000km (it was a steady 12.1 - 12.3bar).
The car has started to smoke a bit so I will have to check the PCV valve. If it's not that then the piston rings might be to worn (bummer x2).
I will have to check the cables from the ignition coils, and last but not least I will do a software upgrade (mine is a 2001, 320i, 170hp, 5speed manual, prefacelift).
Someone suggested to check the crankshaft rotation sensor, although I am skeptical about this.
My last thought is to have the DME inspected (and the relays).

I am running out of ideas...

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