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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
TIL the NRA does not know that the president of the US has different protection requirements than most other people.
Politicians frequently play the PR game of being ordinary citizens, Joe Averageguy, "I worry about my family the same way you worry about yours", and the rest of that crap.

The NRA is just playing the same game. Doesn't mean either of them are correct, but if politicians want to posture, their critics are welcome to posture right back.

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Irrelevant, and Obama just signed a law extending SS protection to him and his family for life (along with Clinton, Bush, etc.).

Bloomberg walks around with an army. Politicians are not more important than you are.
Congress passed the law, which reinstated protection to what it used to be. Now, it may be excessive, or self serving, or hypocritical. Since it came from DC, it almost certainly is at least one of those. But to act like its solely Obama's doing is disingenuous.

Congress probably made a deal that he'd get this for himself if he signed off on the salary raise they voted for themselves.
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