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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Is it really that easy in the US? Here in the UK there are so many ways to fail a driving test its difficult to count them. You can fail if the examiner thinks you didn't use the rear view mirror enough. They are currently talking about adding a motorway driving component to the test even though motorways are by far the safest place to be in a car. They are over the top to be honest. Obsessed with road safety. We have about 1,800 road deaths a year. When you consider there are probably 3 or 4 billion road journies a year that's ridiculously small. Yest the motorist is considered public enemy No 1. We have 6,000 deaths a year in our dirty hospitals. That's people who go into hospital perfectly healthy, catch a bug and die as a result. Something seriously wrong with the priorities in this country.
My driver's test was about 1 mile total length with 2 stop signs and a left hand turn. The parallel parking thing is a myth unless you live in a city. I learned to drive in a 2000 Cadillac Escalade so I can park anything anyway. Luckily I'm actually not a moron, but imagine a 16 year old girl behind the wheel of a 5000 lb Chevy Tahoe. They suck at driving and sadly enough often kill people on the interstate because they are so ****ing stupid. I wish our driver's test was much more difficult. I would still pass easily, but I want many of these people off the road. You know 90% of people don't even know that you drive in the right lane and pass in the left. They just drive in the left the whole time, slowly, creating parades on the interstate. Some people like to see how long they can take to pass a 70 foot long, 75,000 pound tractor trailer. I believe the record is a 0.01 mph speed differential that I have experienced. You just have to hang back and watch them die if something happens.

Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
1,800 deaths in your whole country? What's the population? On Chicago interstates (motorways) alone there were something like 950 deaths last year.

Terra, did you know they've had that auto brake feature for like 30 some years? My mom had a subi in the 80s that had it.
UK population is around 80 million I think. Traffic deaths per capita is a bad number to go by though. Americans drive WAY more than Europeans. I probably drive more every day than 90% of Europenas in a week. The best number to use for safety comparisons is deaths per mile traveled.

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