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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
I think the NRA's messaging is very insular and myopic, basically preaching to their choir but risking turning off a broader swath of American that they ought to be appealing to. I think most Americans understand the unique and distinct security needs, especially post JFK and Reagan, of protecting the President and his family. In the end, I think their crude and ham-handed ad will be less rather than more effective in forwarding their political goals.
I think you're incorrect, I believe the majority of Americans see the hypocrisy in one calling for strict gun laws but than utilizing those very guns for protection.

JFK/Reagan, notice after those incidents security detail has been ramped up and no president has been assassinated since? Yet children and schools get shot up, yet security has not yet been ramped up for them...Curious to the outcome of removing security from the Whitehouse and posting "gun free zone" signs.

Absolutely nothing with stop the next mass killing, only a good guy with a gun. Washington already knows this and applies it everyday.

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