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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Nonsense. All the time you have your foot on the foot brake your hydraulic seals are under extreme pressure. That's the master cylinder and caliper piston seals. When you are stationary? Your handbrake is purely mechanical and doesn't use the hydraulic braking system at all. Its a seperate system. Hydraulic brakes are for stopping the vehicle. The handbrake is for holding the vehicle. That's why its called the HOLDING brake. If it wasn't for the traffic lights and holdups it would take me 10 minutes to get to work. As it is it takes me 35 minutes. That's 25 minutes queuing at traffic lights. With my foot on the brake??? And my BRAKE LIGHTS blinding the poor sap behind me? B*llocks to that. Learn to drive dude. Your the type of person I get stuck behind squinting and end up shouting GET YOUR F*CKIN FOOT OFF THE BRAKE D*CKHEAD!!
Yeah, uh, you can hold the car with the regular brakes dude. Americans sit in more traffic than you do every day with automatics stuck in drive spinning the torque converter with feet on the brakes constantly. It DOES NOT hurt them in the slightest. It's also not called a holding brake. It is the parking brake. Most cars don't even have hand brakes anyway. They have a foot actuated parking/emergency brake that works with a ratcheting motion like a hand brake. You push it down. It sticks. Push it again. It comes back up. I think you are the odd man out on your driving habits.
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