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I did not expect anything. It was not even my idea to post pics. I already told Solly that, if he is happy with his woman that's what matters.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Dude seriously! Your women are average by most men's eyes (.."hot" by your own standards). You can sift through the "Significant Other" thread in main OT and find PLENTY of women who are dating or married to Fanatics that look better than the lot that you've posted. If they are your cup of tea, that is great! Keep pullin' what you're pullin'!

...but don't come here expecting praise by posting bone stock babes, and expecting us to rant and rave.

Here goes the big mouth part no action lol

Just teasing you bro. This has been fun. Wish you the best with your girl.
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Neither. This is the internet. We just talk around here.
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