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Originally Posted by BMW2k3 View Post
If passing visual isnt an issue, then you should be fine with headers and aftermarket cats provided your rear o2 sensors are moved downstream of the cats. Even with stock software you should get OBD2 "ready" state for your o2 monitors with quality cats installed.

Swapping to headers is very much worth the headache on these cars, made a nice difference on my prior 2.5L, I would think the 2.8 should benefit even more.
Yeah I'm trying to decide how to handle this install as I'll be running FI and want to get the most out of it but in a safe fashion that isn't violating laws left and right.

- Leave on factory headers/cats : lose power but seemingly would stay legal. Likely burn out the cat quickly from extra heat
- Install performance headers with no cats : gain power but will not be street legal.. nice thing is md only does emissions once ever other year so I'd have a two year window if i passed and then did the install
- Install performance headers, universal cats, and o2 sensor : seemingly would be best of all worlds but will be costly for custom welding

Last question is around the tune... is the AA factory tune ok with the above... perhaps runs better with one than the other?

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